Want to put your relaxation time to good use?

As a lawyer, your typical day maybegin at a desk with piles of legal papers, books for legal reference, the sameold laptop and your phone that constantly beeps with reminders and messages. Inaddition, running up and down to the courtrooms, meeting clients are inevitablein your field and takes a whole lot of time and may decrease your productivity.

So, what if you can do two together?

Steno, a voice-to-text-converter, lets you draft your documents on the go real time. With Steno, you can dictate while taking your evening strolls, running errands, waiting at the client’s venue or may begin out. Even your relaxation time at a park or in your balcony can be put to good use. Steno’s inbuilt voice recorder digitally captures your voice and In addition text.

As more and more people are looking towards adapting technology, using microphones on the smartphones or iPads or laptops with Steno to dictate thoughts, you can change your preferences from typing to talking. Incorporating this technology into your everyday busy routines you can:

Schedule more time to concentrate on your core competencies: The more work you can offload to Steno, the more you can focus on the constitutional problems of your domain.

Double your productivity: Using Steno, your thoughts are transformed into texts five times at high speed. That is, in traditional typing at normal speed an individual can type around 35 words, whereas Steno does 75 words, which means your productivity is doubled.

Increase work efficiency, leading to structed work: Quick recording of your thoughts and words and even punctuation marks make your job very easy. Your only work will be to edit and organize the documents as you wish.

Be flexible in the Cloud: You don’t have to be physically present at your office for voice typing. Wherever you are, you can work anywhere with your laptop, dictate and share the files immediately through email in PDF and MS Word formats.

Customize your legal dictionary: At instances where you use a legal terminology quite too often, you can add those in the Steno’s dictionary. So, the next time you dictate the word, Steno recognizes and types it for you.

In addition, studies have shown that dictation can help improve one’s cognitive function and ability, short-term memory, pronunciation and general speech quality.

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