Voice-to-Text Business Trends

This age has seen the immense use of AI-based technologies and applications in all sized businesses. The innovation of voice-to-text has acquired its place into all- small, midsize and large sized businesses. Be it the automobile industry, home-furnishing, healthcare or manufacturing, it has been prevailing all over.  Google Home and Amazon Alexa have been prevailing over the market, with a wide-consumer base. It has proved to be worthy of time and efficient in performing daily household as well as commercial routine activities. The global technology boom has witnessed numerous innovations coming up. Artificial Intelligent, Smart Chatbots and other intelligent services are proving to be a game-changer in the market. Moreover, the wide-consumer base is welcoming these technologies with open arms.

Top players in the market are constantly improving the voice-to-text technology attributing to its greater efficiency and accuracy. The view is to increase the artificial intelligence involved behind it. There have been many developments in the direction of natural language processing and neural network. There has been research indicating, that with minor developments over the coming years will make it at par with human intelligence. There has also been research in the field which suggests that there is an increase in the virtual assistant based technologies and innovations. Statistics speak that by 2020, there will be an increase of 6.6 million users in the United States, witnessing a huge increase of 6.6 million.

Virtual Assistants like Siri and Google Assistant also majorly depend upon the voice recognition feature. The technology giants in the world have clamoured the market share of both the companies, relying upon the potential that voice-enabled technology has brought to the table. Recent research by Google on the efficiency of voice assistance shows that over 50% of users keep their voice-activated speaker in their living room. Also, there is a sizeable number reported to have one in their bedroom or kitchen. It has gained immense popularity among consumers. The past few years have blurred the boundaries of such voice assistance being limited to smart-phones and has reached out with the introduction of home-speakers. Moreover, voice to text has proved to be a plus for surplus drafting and documentation purposes. The target audience of this newly emerged feature has been ranged widely from school and college students to business executives. In no time, the consumer-base has gotten friendly with the feature and used them to their benefits, making inroads in various industries. On the front of a business, the feature has proved to be a huge efficiency booster with its increased efficiency over time.

However, the issue does not go unchallenged. It has been observed that with the widely varying language and accents across the globe, these features cater more to one particular group as compared to another. Command recognition and the tasks flowing thereafter have not always been proved to be best with the minor languages and differently varied accents. Though voice recognition over transcription services are preferred for saving time, money and energy, its reliability is still under check. The progress, however, is unparalleled and is hoped to turn out positive for the tech industry.



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