The Uncharted Career of a Stenographer

Stenography has been one of the most lucrative jobs at a time when women had only few career choices other than becoming a teacher.The Indian industry slowly started using stenos for typing with the help of typewriters and later switching to computers. Now, typing has become an additional qualification just like how communication skills for any jod description has become a necessity. 

The Demand

Stenography even though overtaken by lots of other new inventions, in India, still has a huge amount of demand, especially in government offices and courts. The Indian judiciary still needs stenographers for typing documents, petitions, applications and even making judgements. For instance, stenographers are eligible for staff selection committee for getting the government jobs. Therefore, the need for Stenos are very much high.

The Difference between a Typist and a Stenographer: 

Most people are confused between stenographers and typists. Stenosis generally are much different from typists. For instance, a typist will usually copy a document and prepare a draft based on another document. But stenos are known for their shorthand techniques through which they easily create a document drawn from verbal communication and inputs. Thus, anyone can understand the importance of a stenographer over a typist.

Special Characteristics of Stenographers:

One of the outstanding characteristics of Stenographers are their ability to easily make minutes of a meeting or write judgements just as the judge dictates. In short, stenographers are rightfully given the job of creating permanent documents. For instance, Stenographers can type and convert a speech or a verdict into a document at the speed of 200 words per minute. 

Job opportunities in India

In India, there are plenty of opportunities for getting a job as a stenographer. There are multiple ways in which a person can get a permanent job. For instance, one can apply through the SSC or the UPSC for various government departments where one can assist as Steno. As already seen, Indian judiciary needs stenos in every court, thus, it is a permanent need. Besides, public entities are also in high demand for Stenographers. 

How can one become Steno?

To become a Stenographer one needs to pass basic schooling and finish till HSC. Then he can join an industrial training institute or ITI which has a prerequisite of passing the board exams, where the aspirants can learn the intricacies of shorthand techniques. In general, Stenos need to a well-accomplished understanding of the English language as well as the regional languages as per need. And in posting as government Steno, one needs to clear an exam where he or she has to prove that they can type at a particular required speed. The general salary for a Stenographer ranges anywhere between 8,000INR to 15,000INR as a starting salary.

MySteno – Virtual Stenographer

For anyone who wants to draft documents, MySteno- also known as a Virtual Stenographer, gives people a real-time experience of voice typing drafts in English efficiently and smoothly and thereby creating drafts in minutes versus the hours a traditional Steno document would take to ideate Therefore, MySteno is proven to be great tool which can be used by stenographers and also by others for easy voice-to-text drafting. Check out the application in the link: Do check out and make sure to get the free hours as a trial period.


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