The Roles Virtual Assistants Play While Seeking Health Information

One of the greatest benefits of technology is the emerging area of voice typing or the use of voice-to-speech innovations. The technology has come a long way affecting almost all walks of personal as well as professional life- be it industries, automobiles, health or food. The use of electronic innovations and artificial intelligence has paved a way forward to strengthen the voice assistant industry. The voice-to-text business has become a pioneer in regards to robotics and automation.  Of the many industries that the technology has chosen to impact, customer service and healthcare have taken a lead. The impact of voice assist technology has been immense exhibiting the benefits of tech-innovations in the country. Research suggests that voice technology is all set to overhaul the industries and the way how they impact benefitting the consumers.

One of the main changes that the coming together of technology and health is that it has helped in data collection of the patient and doctors as well as health records. A modern healthcare system bases its entire efficient functioning on the basis of past and presents records of the patients. Moreover, most of the health-related enterprises find it to be one of the major areas where they face logistical problems. A comprehensive information management system is a must-have for the healthcare organisation. Data is the prime asset which should be held with great care and caution, as mismanagement of data can ruin the fabric on which the functioning of the organisation is dependent. Data doesn’t only pertain to the instant condition of the patient but also to the medical history that the patient has. Therefore, medical operations require extensive typing in record keeping. The process simplifies and is no more as burdensome after having to keep record using the latest technology in the market. Moreover, technology-based record keeping is more error-free and efficient. Another cutting edge advantage that managing healthcare via technology is that of personalisation. Healthcare with the help of technology has helped on the cross the bridge between the doctor’s reluctance to type and the maintenance of proper records on each patient.

The assistance of this new age technology is not only maintaining data and record-keeping effectively but also making data more usable. In the sense that data can be managed more effectively and efficiently using reminders, highlighters, flags etc. Apart from the voice assistance helping organisations, it also seems to have a considerable impact on the consumers while they use it directly. The report suggests that while using Google Assistant for the purpose of seeking health-related information, the consumers have felt more sympathetic. Cho, a doctoral student in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications, says that;

. “Even though users know that virtual agents like Google Assistant are not real, they still feel a sense of social connection to them,” she said. “When participants asked non-sensitive questions to Google Assistant through voice, they rated a higher level of human warmth during their interaction with the assistant.”

Human-computer interactions have been one of the most trending topics and have displayed shocking results while used to seek information relating to healthcare. Interacting with synthetic voices is synthetic no more, it has bridged the gap between technology and man and proved to be of utmost help to a man in need. What voice assistance holds for us next is the surprise the world is waiting for. Looking at the past striding developments that technology has made in the past, the future is going to be a boon for mankind.

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