Let your legal writing be put to rest today

Legal profession, one of the most-sought after and respected fields in the business world today, is undergoing a radical change. Apart from defending or prosecuting the criminals, lawyers have a lot more to perform in their field. A typical day in a lawyer’s life includes, drafting legal documents, building effective defensive strategies, lots of research which involves taking notes and precedents, court appearances, appointments with clients, and so on.

Out of all these, the challenge lies in legal writing that contains jargons, complex phrases, legal terms, and even acronyms. The legal writing may also include emails to follow-up with clients, contracts, letters, etc.  When it comes to legal transcriptions, lawyers also need to consider shortcuts, typing speed, productivity. With the advent of sophisticated technology in law practice, the twin task of handling legal subject matter and then crafting a piece doesn’t require a lot of time. Also, the number of voice to text converter applications available in the market makes documentation even more simple.

But what if there is an application that has an in-built legal vocabulary in it.

Yes. That is what Steno is about. Steno is a state-of-the-art voice to text converter application, designed to eliminate the legal professionals’ stress of typing lengthy documents. Steno automatically transcribes voice into text and drastically increases productivity while providing highly accurate speech.

Advantages of Steno

  • Increase in work efficiency
  • Save a great deal of labour as only minor changes have to be made later
  • Access to a largest legal vocabulary
  • Reduces the stress caused from typing
  • Manage documents securely
  • Supports different formats like Word, PDF, etc.
  • Provision to prespecify legal terminologies that are often used

Get started with Steno today.

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