Legal practice and the importance of time management

A lawyer’s office can typically be characterized as a room full of working papers, files, briefs and lots of statutes, books and case commentaries. In such a set-up, where there are strict deadlines to meet, appearances to be made, evidence to be collected and filed, there is little doubt that time management assumes great importance. Lawyers are known to have crazy working hours, pull all-nighters and yet be present in the court on time. In this post, we cast light at the need for time management in legal practice and the tools available to help make legal practice efficient.

Law and the need for integration across stages

The entire exercise of working towards the completion of a case, from the time of the first meeting with the client to the final decision in a case usually has a time span lasting from months to several years in most cases. It may be very difficult for both independent practitioners as well as law firms to keep track of the progress of a case, which is where a case management application comes in handy to save time.

Making sure everyone’s on board

By switching over to a digitally managed database that ensures 24X7 access to case contents, notes, pleadings and internal review, the process of ensuring that every team handling a particular case is updated with its progress, makes the investment worthwhile. When everyone from the newest associates to the reporting partners in a firm are constantly updated with the progress in a case, management and feedback become easier and more directed, saving efforts and time of everyone involved.

Using a speech to text conversion application

At a time when Google is changing the way our lives traditionally were, from Google Maps to Google Home, there is no denying that technology has unmatched advantages in the workspace. A human stenographer is required to sit for long hours and take notes in their diaries and later type out the content along with making the changes in formatting based on the type of document being made. However, using voice recognition for this purpose can help save many hours every day. Instead of waiting for the typist and their working hours, one can easily start creating and editing their own legal documents. Since this tool is available 24/7 there is access available all the time, reducing the total turnaround time required for finishing a document.

One such easily accessible tool is Steno, which is a virtual typing tool built especially for legal practitioners where voice is instantly converted to text. It is not just convenient and user-friendly but also offers the added advantage of shortcuts and punctuations used frequently in legalese.

Investing in a case management application

One of the tools that drastically reduce the time required for legal research, the number of support staff required while also enhancing intra-firm cooperation is using a case management system which makes case listing easily accessible on the phone, and is also ideal for projects that involve coordination across multiple teams and professionals like solicitors, advocates and legal researchers. A case management app with viewing rights to everyone makes work easier by making sure all changes to case documents are saved real-time.

Download Steno and invest your time effectively.

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