How Do Speech-to-Text Softwares Function?

The old days of drafting document through a typewriter were fast changed by the intervention of computers. The word processing software technology has given a huge leap of advantage to the existing drafters who are professionally drafting documents. The drafters, in general, had the added advantage of editing the document to avoid wasting pages. Now, this too has become an old concept. The introduction of voice-to-text software is steadily changing the way the industry is creating documents.

The history:

The speech recognition actually started from the 1960s, with the most important development in the industry happening through bell laboratories. The initial developments were in such a way that the first invention recognized only a few words. Then the developer further discovered the development of recognizing the numbers, but because of the multiple complexities attached to the way speech is made by humans, the recognition was even tougher, especially when the factor of geographical slangs and dialects came into place.

The competitors for using speech recognition was mostly private players. However,  later the United States Defense Department began investing in speech recognition which was proposed for application and running for myriad purposes. The development later converted from military uses to commercial after which the development rocketed and have now reached a wide variety of audience in the past 60 years.

The process:

The speech recognition process has evolved a lot from its nascent inventive stage. The initial invention was actually a comparative analysis where the speech recognition was first worked on the speech made and then compared to a recorded voice to find a match. Later the technology changed in a way where voices were recorded and made as databases. The big technology giant Google, for example,  collected voices of people, which in turn was saved as a database to compare and develop the speech-to-text recognition software. The whole process was worked in a way where the human form of language helped convert to machine language, the only difference being, the shift was happening from the keyboard to the voice.

The speech engine:

Let’s see how a speech engine works. When speech is usually sent through software it is known as an engine. However, the roadblock here is that the software requires a huge amount of data to process the speech. The data should not only be present in raw format but it is mandatory to segregate it in such a way that it is easy for the engine to recognise it. The speech engine is ideally built to process the data in high speeds. The newer capabilities of speech recognition softwares are that they are programmed with individual identification of voice and therefore can detect and cancel external voices and noises. This is one of the main advantages that the latest version of speech engines have.

My Steno:

Speech recognition softwares in the market are usually generic. This is where the lawyers lose out as these softwares are not able to understand complicated legal terminologies. However, with the invention of  Mysteno, the latest web application by Vakilsearch, inbuilt with legal terminologies recognises legal terms easily and also voice punctuates efficiently. Find below the top 4 features of Mysteno. 

USPs of MySteno:

  1. On Mysteno, you can voice draft a long document without any hassles. Whereas with other speaking softwares you cannot create professional documents.
  2. Mysteno has been especially inbuilt with legal terminologies and legal maxims which makes document drafting easier for any legal person. On the contrary, other voice softwares may not even understand what you are saying as a lawyer or a law student.
  3. MySteno saves your time. A typical legal document that takes two hours and more to type, with MySteno can be put together in minutes. The created document can also be shared and converted to Word or Pdf.
  4. MySteno gives you 100% handsfree experience. Which means your voice is in full command. You can officially say bye bye to your computer keyboard for typing.

For more information sign-up for free and use today and enjoy a hands-free experience!

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