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Manage your legal documentation smartly

Documenting cases, client information, contracts, and other legal materials is tedious and time-consuming, especially when you are working on tight deadlines. Relying on a stenographer or a secretary may drag down your productivity while being a costly affair too. Leveraging a speech-to-text converter can dramatically reduce your stress of keying documents, from the scratch. Agree?

Steno – Your Virtual Stenographer

Steno, your virtual stenographer,  is India’s first web application that eases your legal drafting process. All you need to do is just dictate and Steno does the documentation for you. One of the unique features of Steno is an inbuilt set of legal abbreviations and vocabulary.

Why Steno

  1. Enhances productivity – Documents can be created 5x faster than typing manually
  2. Decreased dependency – Create documents without depending on any external resource.
  3. Improves client service – Save time on documentation and spend more time delivering exceptional services
  4. Customizable dictionary – Often used legal acronyms and terms can be prespecified.
  5. Document management – Save, edit, convert and share files securely in Word and PDF formats

This application offers much more flexibility than any other voice typing applications. Once you are done with the document you can tailor it further as per your need.  

Reduce your stress of keying in all the info and start leveraging Steno. Get started with an uninterrupted flow of words.  

Sign up with Steno and get 300 Steno minutes absolutely free. 

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