Dictation enhances cognitive production

Who will not be interested to dictate and get their documents done while taking a stroll, jogging, running errands, commuting, working out, waiting for an event, around your home office etc.? In this modern era, many technologies have come up which can make your work easy, that is, dictating and getting your text done.

On a traditional keyboard, most of the people can only type 20-30 words per minute. Touchscreen typing is still difficult. The effective overall progressive benefits of dictation are many to enumerate. Depending on your technical skills, you might make more or few mistakes typing than your software makes translating your speech to text. The types of mistakes created by dictation software are different from those mistakes which are made from typing. Previously, speech to text software was not available for many people. But now most of the technologies are available to common people also at affordable prices.

While one may not be in a position to quantify their gains through dictation, you can definitely improve your written output in many ways once you get used to it. When you take up dictation for the first time you will find it strange. We all have become accustomed to different and stranger things in recent years. For example, taking money out of a bank machine for the first time or being self-conscious about public cellular-conversation for the first time. Learning to use these technologies is generally a matter of choice and habit than skill. Dictation is also different. It kind of requires some deep cognitive and neural changes.

One of the significant benefits of dictation is that it can help one to think on one’s feet.

As lawyers you may have different occasions of speaking in public, then getting into the habit of dictating and developing on difficult issues may be principally beneficial for you. Even if you want to orally present or engage in the meetings to discuss interesting, complex and difficult areas of knowledge, the principles of knowledge and normal learning still applies. Experts need to keep practicing their skills. Verbally articulating one’s thoughts is altered from ambiguously entertaining and meditating upon them.

Some of the cognitive benefits of dictation are increased written output rates (i.e., words per minute), improved ability to think on one’s feet, greater potential for insight, greater ability to use analogical and imagery reasoning etc.

So, are you also interested in dictating your text and getting your document in minutes of time? Then what you are waiting for? Subscribe to Steno and avail all the benefits! Steno makes your legal documentation easier. There will be no interruption to your continuous flow of words. Just dictate your words aloud and Steno will do all the typing for you. Additional to this, inbuilt legal vocabulary with a set of punctuation marks will make your job of legal documentation much more fruitful.

A page of the document can be dictated in less than two minutes with the help of Steno.

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