The Best Free Text-to-Speech Software in 2019

A text-to-speech software (abbreviated as TTS) that was developed to convert text into an artificially synthesised voice eliminating the reading process and making it easier to multitask. This software has come in handy in maintaining the pace with the hectic routines. Here are a few softwares that are the best reviewed among the dozens of other free voice-typing softwares:



  • NaturalReader: This software is one of the most sought after TTS converter on the internet. It proved useful for users with visual impairments, people learning a new language and learning disabilities. The language options available varies from US English, French, British English, Italian, Swedish, German, Chinese, Arabic and Japanese. The software also has OCR or Optical Character Recognition that allows the user to scan any text and convert it to digital text which can be later saved to the drive or listened to in the audio form. The free version of the software has the basic TTS features with great download compatibility whereas the four subscription options provide better features. The software overall is a real-time rain check for spellings.


  • Steno: Steno is one of the most accurate English speech-to-text converters which was primarily created as a means to reduce the time constraints lawyers faced in their day-to-day lives, especially while drafting legal documents. However, Steno can be used by anyone who wants to create a document using its unique voice-to-text feature.
    One of the best features of Steno is that it types as you talk and understands lawyers the best. Steno has an inbuilt voice recognition software that transcribes audio-to-text easily. Besides, it is configured with legal terminologies and abbreviations. With Steno anyone can easily convert drafts to word or PDF in minutes and share it with colleagues in seconds.

  •  Zabaware: This app is known for its great speech synthesizer that has the capacity to read many documents and compatible for text types such as documents, E-mails, websites, clipboard contents as well as Windows dialogue boxes. It is a great software for aiding users with reading disabilities as well as other mental concentration problems. It has a free version as well as two other subscription options. The free software has a high-quality non-human voice generation option.


  • Balabolka: This free TTS software stands out of the rest of the availabilities because of its great flexibility and quality that is on par with the paid/subscribed softwares. The voice generated files can be saved in various formats including MP3, WAV, MP4, WMA and OGG, which makes it user-friendly.



  • TextSpeech Pro: This software is a download-only text to speech software which is compatible with reading the more prominent document types such as PDFs, MS Word files and HTML. It provides great support for the visually and mentally impaired users. One of the unique features to this software is that it could read out Emails as well as any webpages as well.


  • AudioBookMaker: The software provides a multilingual interface including languages such as English, Russian and simplified Chinese. One of the few features unique to this software is the customizable speech parameters where the users can adjust the speed, pitch and volume of the digital voice. These settings can not only be adjusted according to preferences but also be restored every time the document is being re-opened. One of the striking quality of this software is that it does not require any subscription and is completely free of cost.


  • Ivona: This software has gained its name due to its membership with the Amazon Group of companies and has around 47 Human-like voices that speak around 24 different languages in both male and female versions. Its partnership with ReadSpeaker has made it compatible in almost all prominent devices and has helped comparatively increase its performance.



  • Voice Reader 15: This software is very apt for users who prefer multitasking. It provides natural sounding voices that makes the whole text-to-speech experience pleasant for users with visual and mental impairments. It is compatible with reading all types of documents and also directly from emails in Android smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. The software has a variety of language options ranging upto 45 languages and 67 voices to choose from.



  • TextAloud: It is easily accessible and has a free trial period that helps the users to get a heads up on what the software has to offer. The varied options of languages and accents available in the software helps users to understand and learn new languages better than ever.



  • Acapela Group Virtual Speaker: The software has more than 70 voices and 30 languages offered for the users with an extra option of changing the mood of the digital voices such as sadness, happiness, whispering, screaming, etc. This software also has numerous Audio Output formats and speech control features that help modify the frequency and voice modulations. Best of all, this software comes absolutely free.


  • Read the Words: This software has an easy-to-use interface with three different language options, namely English, French and Spanish that could be read out in 15 different voices. It helps in converting an RSS feed into a speech recording. The software allows newbie users to create a 30-second audio file and a three-day free trial to experiment with the features of the software.



The above listed 11 softwares are just a few out of a huge ocean of options available for the users on the internet. There are plenty more out there for you to explore and understand in depth.


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