A Step-by-Step Guide to use MySteno, Your Legal e-Assistant

How often have you wished you had a personal stenographer to just type it all for you? Being in the legal field, we are pretty sure that thought had crossed your mind dozens of time now. Well, fear not, because MySteno is here for the rescue.

What is MySteno?

MySteno is a virtual stenographer application and India’s very first voice-to-text legal assistant that makes your legal drafting experience simpler and hassle-free. MySteno has an added advantage of having an inbuilt repository of 2000+ legal vocabularies that help the software grasp the words that you speak easily and convert into text accurately. With MySteno, you can now register legal abbreviations more easily, type efficiently and eventually save a lot of time in the process.

Why MySteno?

It is correct if you are wondering why MySteno, when you have many other options to do your daily voice-to-text drafting. This online software sure does has its own perks, namely:

  • The text typed will be of 95%+ accuracy and so the drafting process can be wrapped in just few minutes.
  • The software keeps typing as you talk simultaneously.
  • It lets you voice command and stay in command.
  • Completely keeps you away from the keyboard.
  • Understands all your needs for legal drafting and recognizes legal maxims that no other voice to text application has featured so far.
  • It is a great method to save time because speech typing takes lesser time than actually having to draft the document by hand.

How to use?

MySteno is probably one of the easily accessible software that converts speech to text. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use MySteno:

STEP 1: You are given with a 2 minutes free trial once you open the Mysteno.io webpage. But once you sign up, there is a 180 minutes free time given for drafting your documents. So the first step is to sign-up and create a MySteno profile.

STEP 2: For starters, there is a pop-up that would give you a quick glimpse of all shortcuts and punctuations like comma(,), full stop(.), semicolon(;), colon(:), hyphen(-), etc. and even what you need to dictate for abbreviations, like CrPC (for CrPC,1973), CPC (for CPC,1908), son of (for s/o), wife of (for w/o), LLP Act (for The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008), etc.

STEP 3: This is the simplest steps of all, Speak. There is a recorder symbol/microphone icon displayed on the screen next to a timer showing the number of minutes that you have for drafting, once you click on that symbol, the software starts recording whatever you speak with full accuracy.

STEP 4: The text recording could be paused and played at any time you wish to do so. There is also a lot of text formatting options available in the top of the text typing space where you can customise the text being typed. You can also directly type the text you want in between while the recording is on pause.

STEP 5: Once you are done drafting the document, the typed text could be saved to your PC directly in word format or as a PDF file. It could also be stored online and further edited in the future if you need to continue with the drafting at a later time.

With just these five steps, one could easily draft any legal document in minutes. One of the best features of MySteno is that it has an inbuilt voice recognition technology that transcribes audio to text easily and typing happens as you talk, without any delay. It is also quite easy to sign-up for MySteno, just like signing up for Facebook. You will just have to enter your email address on the website and your account will be created in three simple steps. As mentioned earlier, the users can save the draft and edit them as and when they would like and also have an option of sharing their works with their friends or colleagues.

MySteno is a speech to text webpage that was aimed at eliminating the most time-consuming process in the routine of most lawyers and provide an alternative for it. It has definitely lived up to its words and has been able to mitigate the time constraints faced by lawyers on a daily basis, especially while drafting legal documents. This legal e-assistant, launched by Vakilsearch is, in fact, the most necessary tool for all lawyers in this digital era. As they say, modern problems need modern solutions!

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