5 Facts About Voice Typing That Will Impress Your Friends

It is a well-known fact that speech is faster than text. But not many of us know that the total turnaround time of a paragraph typed out is more than half the time required for using a speech-to-text converting tool. Added to this, are recent studies that show the health risks associated with sitting in front of a screen and typing on the keyboard in a fixed posture.

Here are five facts about voice typing that should give all of us reason enough to explore this trending way of getting our documents ready:


  • No more all-nighters against deadlines: As students and as working professionals, there are times we have to sit long hours and rush against deadlines. Pulling an all-nighter then seems to be the only option, when you’ve got pages of content to type out. However, with a faster voice to speech text conversion, all you’ve got to do is get hold of your microphone and start dictating. Imagine, finishing six hours of typing in two and getting a good night’s sleep instead.
  • Ideal for college-students: In the constant learning of law or applied disciplines, what does not change is the constant pressure of deadlines – project submissions in law schools and case submissions in the legal practice. When you’re running out of time, one of the best time-saving tools can be using a dictation app, which would instantaneously convert voice to the textual form, with almost zero errors. So instead of typing out text from a book borrowed from a library, it is a lot simpler and efficient to read out the text and citation and arrange the same in the thesis or project work format.
  • Saving money: In offices that require a lot of documentation – legal, notary, registration, accounting, auditing and filing related work, there is typically a need to employ stenographers trained for fast typing and taking dictation. Assuming an office employs two stenographers at a salary of Rs. 12,000 each, a voice typing application can save at least Rs. 2,88,000 each year!
  • Maximising efficiency: With voice-to-text converting apps, there is no need to ask a stenographer to maintain different files or wait for your instructions while you look up a new source of research, making work easier, better and faster and helping utilize time to the fullest. There is no need for a trained person to turn up and dictation can be given on the go, even while cooking or travelling.
  • Therapeutic Benefits: Several kinds of research have shown that sitting on a chair for long in one posture can lead to overuse injuries of the hand, obesity, joint-related problems. It has also shown several behavioural traits like aggression, boredom and irritability. With voice typing tools easily accessible from your phone, dictation can be given while exercising, walking or commuting, thereby minimizing the health hazards associated with computer use.



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